The Rabbit Hole Post

Once upon a time… 

Alone on the beach and something was up. There were no rabbits…

One evening, sitting up on the outcrop between the two beaches looking over to Brow Head, the location for a couple of scenes in the next Star Wars episode, with an old friend, we watched spellbound as a comet broke up over the Brow.

So close, so clear we could see the sparks flaring off as it went heading to the Atlantic. You know the way slow motion seems to kick in? Like that it was, slow, graceful, disintegrating, disappearing.

There it was, in all it’s magnificence.

The closest we’d been to a falling star.


Until this day I’d never seen Sea Holly at the entrance to so many rabbit holes. I’ve seen it growing, broken and blown around, but not as though it had been placed as it was now. This was work of someone.


At the start of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice and her sister were sat by a river reading a book with no dialogue and no pictures when she spots the white rabbit and her adventure begins…

A blank page on which we can wander drunk through on through our days and our nights….


This post is an excerpt from: The Rabbit Hole (Out Now)

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 19.36.44

B.O.R.E. 001 – The Rabbit Hole by Jason Lee eBook is available with full photo set from this series. Access to the private Based On Real Events community is available via my Patreon Rewards.

 “Once upon a time… Alone on the beach and something was up. There were no rabbits…”

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