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Part of this has meant pushing a failing body from sea to summit.  Going to the place where pebbles are made, finding hillside ruins in a valley during a storm, nights wild sleeping on piers, beaches and hillsides. Navigating the peninsulas, Mizen, Sheep’s Head, Beara, Iveragh at their least populated time. Hiking Carrauntoohil, Mt. Corrin, Knockgour, Hungry Hill and other elevtions. Catching their weather listening for their stories.

Part of this, Based On Real Events, is repeating walks within an a couple hour’s from the studio along old worn paths. Watching and listening to a place through the seasons.

Part of this is deliberately slowed down, part of this is slow without any other choice. A body fighting to move, struggling to recover. Oh how the mind works, full with sights and sounds, memory and memories lost. Part of this is falling apart. Patience plays a part in particular.

Part of this is only being made before dawn. The Dawn Portrait. Part of this is nonsense. Nonsense fed from feeds found through a phoneline. Based On Real Events. Part of this has already appeared on Sounding Nature, a collaboration with Cities And Memory and 250+ sound artists. Partners in one of the largest projects of it’s kind. Part recorded in Brazil, part recorded and made here.

Part of this, Based On Real Events, set off down a rabbit hole, parts have emerged. All part of it. Part ‘n’ parcel.

…more to be parted with later.

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Jason Lee | A Brief History

Jason Lee has been included in over 50 group, solo and improvised guerilla exhibitions and events across Europe, 1987-2018, including Ireland, Germany, SarajevoScotland, Wales, England, Hungry, Czech Republic and Spain, works in the AIB Collection and on permanent display at Cork University Hospital, along with international private collections, lives and works in West Cork, Ireland.

Co-Founder of The Pale Dog Gallery, Schull, West Cork – 1998-2003

Board of Directors – Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen 1999-2002


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My last exhibition, ‘Husker Du’ – do you remember? was in September 2013, a part of Culture Night. The night when over 100 guests filled my small home and took part in ‘The Human Orchestra’.

Based On Real Events is the next piece, following on from my exhibitions Yamé, The Red Swan Hotel, (no-relation), Waiting Room, Near Vinyl Dead Cassette, Heistland, Husker Du.

Yamé: Solo Exhibition – Yamé: As one breath ends another begins

The Red Swan Hotel: Solo Exhibition Cross Gallery Dublin

(no relation): Solo Exhibition.

Waiting Room: Solo Exhibition – Expanding on the song by Fugazi check it out and some Beckett

Heistland: 3 Part Online Photo series based around: ‘Steal like an artist‘ in collaboration with writers, musicians, artists and the landscape.

Near Vinyl Dead Cassette

Husker Du: Do you remember? Exhibition.

Jason Lee | Photography

Jason Lee is a contributing Photographer to The Thin Air Magazine for gigs & events at West Cork’s award winning venues De Barra’s Clonakilty, Connolly’s of Leap, Levis’ Corner Bar Ballydehob.  

Contact me via Twitter: @Jason_X_Lee


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Jason Lee | Film

Music videos mostly.

Every Frame In One Image of Defective by Audrey & The icons

More videos by Jason Lee:  Videos Here.

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