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What is The Saloon?

I wanted a way to share my work, the intimate encounters of the maker making without the financial limitations often encountered with *Patreon* or similar – read ‘Patreon Or Not?‘ below.

  • New Work & Stories from Based On Real Events
  • Go Outside.
  • The Saloon subscribers get a monthly dispatch
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On Twitter: @Jason_X_Lee

PATREON OR NOT? – What I say when asked.

*Early on I set up a Patreon. I thought, great I could actually earn a few euros to cover some costs and engage with a community at the same time. Then as I set it up, I realised that there was at least one person I knew who couldn’t always afford that access on a strict monthly basis. Not necessarily the monthly two or three euros, but often the timing of whats’s in the bank and what’s going out don’t always add  up to the same time frame.

It may not be mine to consider, but I do. 

So I’ll keep The Saloon free and those who want to can contribute in their own way and at their own time can and do. 

If It’s Free Why Not Have An Open Blog?

The same reason I don’t have an open studio. It’s important for me that we care for our work and our workspaces. I welcome visitors, there are few who do visit, we share a coffee and spend some time that way. Same goes here, an extension of that, which is important to me. 

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